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speaker you will love, Eric makes learning complex ideas fun, engaging, and best of all practical. Working with clients from the Fortune 100 to small business entrepreneurs, Eric has acquired a unique understanding of the critical systems, principles and training techniques that lead to business and personal success.

The loss of workplace motivation and productivity in the U.S. is a direct result of decades of erosion in the meaningfulness of our work, says business strategist Eric Beck. In a visionary talk, he dismantles the outdated habit of “trading time for money” and explores a new way to engage the workforce (especially the digital generation) powered by a new reason to work: self improvement while producing extraordinary services and products.

Eric is one of the world’s most provocative thinkers about our society’s growing lack of meaning at work and the way to reconnect and empower the digital generational by creating a new “game worth playing” at work, in schools, and in our governments.


ric is the founder of the Total Integration Executive Program™ for business owners and entrepreneurs. Mr. Beck holds a bachelor’s degree from Belmont University, is a twenty-nine time international martial arts medalist and has served as a Specialist in the United States Army National Guard. Before launching Total Integration, he was the international Director of Training and a Business Coach for E-Myth Worldwide. He enjoys life with his family in beautiful Colorado. Eric has written numerous articles on personal and organizational mastery and is a sought after keynote speaker and strategic consultant. Currently he is completing a book, “A Game Worth Playing: Reinventing Our Relationship to Work.”



Business Coach

For two decades Eric has worked with business owners and entrepreneurs with a growth mindset to help them create a game worth playing in their organizations.

Through a specific curriculum called Total Integration™ and using a revolutionary software tool MasterPlan™ Eric guides, motivates, and creates accountability for results that grow his clients and their businesses towards their creative maximum.

Keynote Speaker

Toronto, CA
Burbank, CA
Atlanta, GA
Denver, CO
Aspen, CO
Ft Myers, FL
Ft. Wayne, IN
Rohnert Park, CA
Charlotte, NC
Charleston, SC
Orlando, FL
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Louisville, KY
Centerville, OH
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Bristol Bay, Alaska
Seattle, WA
Pittsburgh, PA

Millennial Whisperer

Millennial Whispering in the art of translating analog into digital – put another way it’s when Eric listens to people born before 1980 and translates that to people born after 1990 in ways that don’t make both groups want to stick bicycle spokes in their eyes. Bridging this communication gap to leverage the wisdom and passion of both sides of the digital divide is the key necessary to unlock a team’s full potential.


“How do we build systems with soul?” A question Eric asks clients and audiences alike. Put another way, if we don’t build in meaning, reward, feedback, interaction into a human focused process…that process will under perform or outright fail. The issue is to keep people from doing the work of a machine: repetitive, mundane, shallow work tasks. Instead, humans should do work that is deep: requires creativity, concentration, focus, and innovation.

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